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The Cozy List: 100 Simple Cozy Moments to Enjoy

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The Cozy List: 100 Simple Cozy Moments to Enjoy

There’s nothing quite like taking a few minutes to slow down and enjoy a cozy moment. Whether it’s taking a relaxing bath, reading your favorite book, or cuddling up with your pets, these simple moments can help make life feel much more enjoyable. Life can get crazy! That’s why it’s more important than ever to take the time to appreciate all those little things that bring us happiness and cozy vibes.

Why You Should Make a Go-To Cozy Moments List

You might be thinking, “Why would I want to read a blog post that’s just a list of cozy moments?”

Because sometimes, you just need a little cozy break in your life…a little tiny vacation from everything that you’ve got going on. When that happens, it can be hard to take a step back and appreciate the little things that make living in this world worth it.

This is why I think it’s so important to create a go-to list of cozy moments that you can think about, picture, or make happen for yourself.

No matter who you are or what you do, we can all benefit from slowing down and finding time for these little moments of happiness and contentment.

So, I wanted to share a list of my favorite cozy moments. These are some of the activities that help me relax and recharge, and I hope they can do the same for you.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, here is my list of simple cozy moments.

100 Cozy Moments:

  1. Reading a book with a warm cup of chai tea on a rainy afternoon
  2. The first sip of warm coffee on a chilly morning
  3. Roasting marshmallows over a campfire
  4. Napping in a hammock
  5. When a cat chooses to sleep on your lap, purring away
  1. Sipping cocoa with a warm blanket by the fireplace 
  2. Lying on your bed, just staring at the ceiling, getting lost in a daydream
  3. Walking in nature and enjoying the sounds of the outdoors
  4. Eating something fresh from the oven
  5. Taking off your shoes & socks after a long day and letting your toes breathe
  1. Sitting on the porch with a cold drink, watching the sunset
  2. Getting a spontaneous compliment from someone you love
  3. Jumping into a bed with fresh, clean blankets 
  4. Watching cartoons in the morning and feeling like a kid again
  5. Listening to raindrops against your window while taking a nap
  1. Reading a book in bed, with low lights and freshly washed sheets
  2. Staying in bed, all snuggled-in, on a weekend morning
  3. A snowstorm when you have nowhere to be but home
  1. Sitting under a shade tree on the beach, with a slow, gentle breeze blowing
  2. Taking a long shower at the end of a busy day 
  3. Getting an extra hour of sleep in the morning
  4. Watching old reruns of your favorite comfort TV
  5. Getting together with friends for take-out and movies
  6. Perfecting the art of napping on the couch
  1. Putting on a cozy sweater on the first cold day of the season
  2. Soft, warm slippers after a long day 
  3. Going outside in the rain- seeing how many raindrops you can catch with your tongue!
  4. Enjoying the muted sound of a snowy day
  5. Watching lightning bugs flicker on a summer evening
  6. Going for a walk and enjoying the smell of fresh air
  7. Curling up with a soft blanket to read all-day
  1. Eating your favorite ice cream on a warm summer day
  2. Sitting outside with iced tea, iced coffee, or lemonade
  3. Walking barefoot in the grass 
  4. Long, lazy baths with candles and pretty soaps 
  5. When the sun is shining, but it’s not too hot outside 
  6. Eating a delicious meal at a restaurant with low lights
  7. Sitting on the porch during a storm and watching the rain pour down all around you
  8. Enjoying the morning silence before anyone else is awake
  1. Pausing to take a few deep breaths and letting all the tension out of your body
  2. Staying up way too late to listen to music 
  3. When your pets lay at your feet while you’re working
  1. Warm soup on a cold, winter day 
  2. Sitting with your feet in the river on a summer afternoon 
  3. Listening to calming music as you drift off to sleep
  4. Sitting in the hot tub with your favorite person
  5. Warming up by the fireplace after being outside in the winter cold 
  6. Taking a break at a cute little coffee shop you’ve never tried before 
  7. Napping on a cloudy afternoon 
  8. Finding that one song that makes your heart feel warm and fuzzy 
  9. Waking up early to watch the sunrise
  10. Going for a bike ride in the fall 
  11. The ritual of making yourself a cup of hot tea
  1. Walking barefoot in freshly cut grass (even if it turns your feet green)
  2. Hitting snooze and laying in bed for a few extra minutes when you don’t want to get up quite yet 
  3. The very first time you use brand new bedsheets
  1. Finding a spot in nature and just taking it all in for a while
  2. Tucking yourself into bed super early while enjoying a book or movie you love
  3. Going for a picnic by the lake (or river or ocean)
  4. Wearing your favorite cozy pajamas all-day 
  5. Cuddling under a warm blanket and falling asleep with a loved one by your side
  6. When someone’s cooking brings you back to memories of childhood and family dinners
  7. Baking bread from scratch and the smell of fresh bread filling the house
  1. When you realize your friends are by your side, no matter what
  2. Taking a walk under the stars
  3. Making s’mores indoors in the fireplace
  4. Finding out you have an extra hour to sleep because Daylight Savings ended 
  5. Having long conversations with good friends
  6. Early sunsets and evenings – watching the sky change color with the movement of time 
  7. Cuddling under a blanket on the couch during a blizzard or thunderstorm
  8. Snow falling outside while you sip hot chocolate by the fire 
  9. Eating when you’re hungry, drinking when you’re thirsty – no meal schedule, no calorie counting, just enjoying life
  10. Being in the moment – taking the time to enjoy what is happening around you right now
  11. Finishing a good book and finding out that there’s a sequel
  1. When it’s raining outside but you’re warm and dry indoors
  2. Drinking coffee with your love in the morning before they leave for work
  1. Laying underneath the stars at night – looking up at the vast universe above us while feeling so small and yet so connected to everything
  2. Spending a moment before bedtime to write down the things that went well during your day
  3. Having someone else cook one of your favorite dishes for you
  4. When there is absolutely nothing bad going on in your life and everything is going exactly how you want it to be
  5. Baking cookies
  1. Crackling firewood, the smell of pine trees, the warmth of the sun on your skin, or any other natural thing that can make you feel relaxed and grounded
  2. Lounging outside with a good book during a long summer afternoon
  3. Taking the time to laugh with friends, even if it’s at your own expense 
  4. That first day of the year when it’s warm enough to open the windows
  1. The smell of apple pie baking in the oven during Autumn
  2. Walking on the beach at sunset 
  3. Listening to records on a warm, rainy weekend morning
  4. Watching a classic black and white movie
  5. Putting on freshly washed clothes straight from the dryer
  6. Lighting scented candles and just enjoying the fragrance
  1. Those first few minutes in bed when you’re completely exhausted
  2. A cool breeze on a hot day
  3. When you’re just feeling so physically and emotionally relaxed that nothing can bother you
  4. Enjoying a perfect, velvety cup of hot chocolate
  1. Singing in the shower when no one else is around to hear you – just because it feels good to sing
  2. Taking time to watch birds & squirrels at the birdfeeder 
  3. Hugs from friends, family members, or significant others when you need them the most
  4. Driving with the sunroof open and feeling the wind in your hair as you sing along with the radio 
  5. Sitting outside before a spring thunderstorm, just watching it roll in

What’s on Your Cozy List?

I hope you enjoyed this list of cozy moments, and I’d love to hear what your own Cozy List might look like. Share with me below in the comments or on Instagram @cozysimplecalm – and keep living that cozy life!

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