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The holiday season is upon us! That means it’s time to start thinking about gifts to give your friends and family. But let’s face it, sometimes choosing the right gift can be hard when you might not know someone quite well enough to buy something expensive or specific. If this sounds like you, these cozy little gift ideas under $25 will be perfect for any person on your list! 

If you’re not quite sure what to buy someone this holiday season, snuggle up with some hot cocoa while reading our recommendations below.  

***Tiny little disclaimer – When I wrote this, everything on this list was under $25. But we all know prices can shift a little bit, so if you find something OVER $25, my apologies!***

Now, without further ado…

Cozy little gift ideas under $25

Log Cabin Incense Burner

This adorable little incense burner is one of my favorite things. The smoke actually comes through the chimney! It’s perfect for creating that cozy feeling in someone’s home. If you need a gift, you can’t go wrong with something so cute!

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Tomte, Nisse, gnomes…

They’re having a moment right now, and I am here for it. And they make such an adorable gift…just warn them to watch their butter

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Candle care tools

Shopping for a candle lover? Candle care tools make a great gift because they’re one of those things that people kind of secretly want but never quite bother to actually purchase. I was gifted a cute little set of candle tools for Christmas last year, after hearing the idea mentioned on the All Things Cozy podcast. I’m still in love with them.

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A good candle

Speaking of candles, what could be cozier than a candle? There’s just something about lighting one and just enjoying the scent. (I obviously picked this one because it says “cozy” right on it. And I’m all about spreading the cozy vibes!)

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Cozy Vibes Mug & Mittens set

Mug & Mittens? It sounds like an odd combination. But I’m picturing someone sitting on their porch on a chilly morning with a hot cup of coffee – it’s like gifting someone an Instagram-worthy moment. Mittens aren’t the most practical thing, but who says gifts have to be practical? (They don’t.)

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A (wearable) fuzzy blanket

What’s better than a cozy, fuzzy blanket? A comfy one with buttons! You can wear it or share the love (and warmth) depending on your mood. Makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves feeling cocooned in their own personal space.

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The Hygge Game

Hygge loosely translates to the feeling of togetherness, well-being, and comfort. The Hygge Game is a fun way to spend quality time with friends and family. It’s less of an actual game and more of a conversation starter to have fun with for hours!

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Fuzzy slippers

Why am I drawn to these fuzzy slippers? Maybe because they still let toes breathe, or perhaps it’s the luxurious look. Whatever the case, this is a cozy little gift!

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Bowl cozies

So, I have this old, beat-up potholder that I refuse to get rid of. It’s ugly, and it’s definitely seen better days. Why do I keep it? Because it’s perfect for holding on to a hot bowl of soup. These bowl cozies do the same job, AND they look cute! (Plus, “cozy” is in the name… 😉)

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A little lighted tree

The perfect way to create a cozy, warm atmosphere? Tiny lights = cozy vibes. This little lighted tree fits the bill.

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A wax warmer

I’ve been loving these little wax warmers lately! It’s like a candle, but you don’t have to worry about leaving an open flame in the room. And this guy? He makes shadows that are just too cute for words!!

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No-drip honey dispenser

Hot tea is cozy. Sticky honey for your drink? Not so much! That’s where this little dispenser comes in, solving a problem and making you look like a total pro at the same time (it’s also just adorable). *Bonus: It’s excellent for maple syrup too!!

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A nice tea infuser

Speaking of tea… Tea is so much more than just a drink. It’s an experience! If you have someone on your gift list who loves tea, they will always appreciate a pretty, new tea infuser.

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Pinterest image. Picture of christmas gift - Text overlay: 26 cozy little gift ideas under $25
Pinterest image. Picture of christmas gift - Text overlay: 26 cozy little gift ideas under $25
Pinterest image. Picture of christmas gift - Text overlay: Cozy little gifts that almost anyone will love (under $25)


E-readers are great and all, but sometimes it’s nice to curl up with an actual book. And books need bookmarks! The readers on your list will love these.

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Zero-waste travel utensils

People are spending a little more time considering their impact on our planet. These eco-friendly, zero-waste travel utensils are an excellent gift for anyone making the switch to all things sustainable and reusable.

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Fuzzy blanket & pillow cover set

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with a fuzzy blanket and pillow? So cozy.

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A light for the right mood

The perfect gift for any book lover, this dimmable bedside touch lamp will keep their nighttime reading sessions cozy and comfortable.

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Spinning tealight holder

I’ve been low-key obsessed with these little spinning candle holders since the first time I watched Christmas Vacation. As long as there isn’t a “Cousin Eddie” around, it’s such an adorable gift.

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Succulent tealights

You can’t go wrong with tealight candles shaped like adorable succulents – for the person who has everything!

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A Charcuterie Board

No, not the meats & cheeses part…although that’s a nice idea too. The actual board. Charcuterie boards are a thing – just ask the Aldi Nerd Community group on Facebook, they’ll tell you. A board isn’t required, but it’s a nice touch…and a lovely little gift!

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Storm Glass

I’ve had one for a few years now – I received it as a gift myself. The idea is that it changes with the weather, like a barometer. Does it work? Eh, the jury is still out…sometimes it changes, and sometimes it doesn’t. But it does look awfully cute sitting on a shelf.

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An insulated wine carrier

Inspired by an orchestra concert my husband and I attended last summer. It was at an outdoor amphitheater with seating on the lawn. Everyone brought blankets, picnic baskets, small tables, and wine. It was absolutely charming! This insulated wine case would be PERFECT for a similar event.

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Waterproof travel blanket

And this blanket was inspired by that same concert. Perfect for the outdoorsy type on your gift list.

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Flame Color Changing Pine Cones

The only thing better than sitting by a cozy fire? Sitting by a cozy fire with a bit of extra flare… These pinecones really do change the color of the flames for a little while. Not only that, but they make pretty cute decor next to a fireplace.

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Hot cocoa that’s a little bit fancy

Every year when I was growing up, “Santa” (aka Grandma) would put those little packets of flavored hot cocoa in my stocking. Consider this a hot cocoa uplevel!

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Candle by the hour

Yes, another candle. I don’t really believe in “too many candles.” But points for uniqueness! And something a little different is never a bad idea when it comes to gift-giving.

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A little something handmade

Handmade gifts are ALWAYS cozy…even if they weren’t made by your hands. And small businesses could use a little extra love these days too. Check out these adorable handmade soaps from Soapy Gnome!

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When you give someone a cozy little gift, you’re not just giving them something practical that they can use in their day-to-day lives–you’re also giving the person the gift of comfort. I hope these cozy little gifts under $25 are perfect for even the most difficult-to-shop for people on your list! 

If this blog post has you feeling extra cozy and thinking about all of those special people in your life, let us know which of these cozy little Christmas presents is your favorite. Or add your own suggestions in the comments below!

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