I’m Jessica

I’m Jessica. Recovering perfectionist and enthusiastic calm-seeker, living in the great city of Cleveland with my husband Dustin (who happens to be my favorite person on the planet,) our lazy hound dog, and four very entertaining kitties.

Welcome to my little space for calm and cozy

Anytime I find myself reading websites and comments in this crazy internet landscape, I’m always more than a little curious about the person on the other side of the screen.

So, I thought I should probably introduce myself and explain what CozySimpleCalm is all about.

This is me in a nutshell:

Wait, no, that’s Austin Powers in a nutshell. But that’s probably a good place to start! I’m a child of the 90s…which my musical taste, pop culture references, and outdated slang will probably confirm. Sorry, not sorry.

I’ve been happily married to my adorable husband for a little over ten years now. And he’s had a big part in helping me learn how to slow down, relax, and realize that it really is okay not to spend all my time “doing.”

We don’t have any kids – and I feel like that’s important to mention. There will be times when I talk about something that doesn’t quite apply if you have kiddos around. For example, if I suggest sleeping in and you have a toddler in the house…eh, that might not work. If you’re a parent, please accept my apologies! (Wait, that came out wrong…I’m not sorry that you have kids!!! I’m sorry that a few things might not quite translate.)

We do have furbabies, though. Our current cast of creatures:

  • Goose, the senior cat who is pretty sure she’s seen it all at this point and is phased by nothing.
  • Ladybird, the senior Coonhound who seems to have decided the best way to spend her remaining years is sleeping.
  • Jerry & Elaine (Yes, I named them after Seinfeld characters. Remember those 90s references I mentioned?), our brother and sister kitties…visitors never know they exist because they are the very definition of scaredy cats.
  • And Colonel Forbin, the youngest kitty. He was saved from an air conditioning unit at 3 weeks old and is now firmly convinced that he is the boss around here.


A few more things: 

I love all terrible puns and dad jokes. The cheesier, the better. I have no shame when it comes to these things; just roll your eyes and go with it.

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I prefer colder weather, so a few years ago, we packed up the uHaul – actually, I think it was a Budget truck – and moved to Cleveland, Ohio. It is my happy place!

I am a textbook introvert. I can “people,” but it requires recharging alone soon after!

I use the word “things” way too often…I’m working on that.

And I really, honestly, believe that most people could use a little more simplicity, calm, and cozy in their lives.  


This is why I decided to start CozySimpleCalm. 

A cozy, simple, and calm lifestyle is not my natural setting. Due to my own personal blend of nature and nurture, I’ve spent too much time being closer to uncomfortable, overcomplicated, and stressed.  

And I got sick of it! I was so tired of calm moments feeling like a luxury. I was tired of feeling like I was too busy to sit down for a while and just enjoy a moment. Tired of waking up every day just wishing for a break from the same sort of low-key chaos.

I finally realized that if I wanted a different lifestyle, I’d have to actually do something to make that happen. So I did. I started learning. And unlearning. (Sooo much unlearning!)

And THAT’S why CozySimpleCalm exists. Because I know I’m not alone in this. I can see it in people’s lives every day. That desire to live a slower-paced, happier kind of life but not knowing exactly how to start.

Or if it can even happen. (Spoiler alert: It can.)

I hope you enjoy this weird little mix of tips, ideas, approaches, and perhaps the most essential thing, PERMISSION, to shift your life into a calmer, happier kind of normal.