How to make a cozy autumn kit

cozy autumn kit

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If you’re not feeling the fall season just yet – maybe the weather is still more summery than fall-like or life has just been busy lately – we’re going to create a Cozy Autumn Kit to get you in the mood!

It seems like fall is the favorite season for a LOT of us.  And why not? The weather is crisp, the trees are beautiful, the clothing options are much cozier. (Hello, sweaters, boots, and layers!)  There are SO MANY fun things to do (if you need a few ideas, here are 24 ways to have a cozy autumn)…and it’s just a cozy season!

But this year, I’m just not feeling it…yet.  It’s been a little warmer than normal, the leaves haven’t REALLY started turning, and I’m afraid to put pumpkins on my porch because the neighborhood squirrels seem unusually hungry right now…

So, I’ve decided to build myself a Cozy Autumn Kit!   And I want to share what I’m including with you, in case you happen to be in the same boat.  Even though I have minimalist tendencies (just ask my poor decidedly-not-a-minimalist husband), occasionally something new to bring in a new season helps to get me into the spirit of those changing seasons. 

Pro tip: To keep the clutter from taking over, I have a storage tub for each season.  Nothing too big, and if it doesn’t all fit at the end of the season, it’s time for a quick declutter of that tub.  I like this system, because I can just pull out what I need and use that storage tub to hold any items that don’t fit the seasonal theme at the moment.  No clutter, no packing things onto shelves. Just keep it simple, easy to access, and easy to store away. And the best part is, if you pack everything away at the change of the seasons, next year your seasonal items will be ready and waiting for you, but also like unpacking a little bit of a surprise because you haven’t seen them for several months!

cozy autumn kit
cozy autumn kit

So what goes into a Cozy Autumn Kit?  

I think a good Cozy Autumn Kit should include the coziest things you associate with fall, to get those Autumn vibes flowing.  For me, that means fall colors (like oranges, reds, browns – really all the colors of fall leaves), warm drinks, fall scents, and definitely something plaid…    It should also be fairly inexpensive, full of easy to find items, and not just a bunch of small clutter, but things that you can actually use and enjoy!

So here’s what I’ve come up with!  Every single thing on this list is from Target (because honestly, we’ll probably all be there anyway).  You can pick them up in-store on your normal Target run or order online (links below to make it easy!) and get a nice big box of fall wonderfulness delivered!

My 2019 Cozy Autumn Kit:

A Mug – I use a mug every single day, so it definitely fits the “useful” requirement. And it’s true, I’ve never met a pumpkin I didn’t like!  This mug is such a nice shade of fall-ish orange, so into the box it goes!

Chai tea & apple cider – Since we need something to go in that cute mug, these are my 2 picks.  Chai tea just TASTES like fall, with all those spices. And I know the apple cider isn’t the fancy, freshly pressed kind, but it’s nice to have a quick version on hand.

Pumpkin Candle – This candle is just too cute!  There are several different scents to make your home smell like fall and there are also a few different colors. Especially fun, because after the candle is gone, you can clean it out and still have a little pumpkin to decorate with!

Fall Leaves Garland – My house doesn’t seem ready for Autumn until I have a few leaves out and a fall leaf garland is a really easy way to do it!  Put it on your fireplace mantle, across the kitchen table like a runner, over a door or window…lots of options here!

Chunky Blanket – Time for the cozy stuff!  A good chunky knit blanket in a fall color not only adds a little more “fall” to your home decor, but it’s also nice to snuggle up with on a chilly evening!  (Perfect for when you’re drinking that chai or apple cider, right?)

Cozy socks – I don’t love socks until fall and winter. In fact, I almost never even think about socks the rest of the year. But as soon as fall hits, I am ALL ABOUT the fuzzy, cozy, squishy sock options.  

A Sweatshirt – I already bought this sweatshirt and now I honestly want it in All. The. Colors.  It’s soft and warm (but not too heavy), really cozy to snuggle into.

A Plaid Scarf – And because it just doesn’t feel like fall without something plaid, this scarf will finish off my fall cozy kit for the year.  Great color combinations and it’ll keep the chill off when you’re outside.

So that’s what I’m putting in my cozy autumn kit this year.

Feel free to mix, match, add your own items, and make your very own Cozy Autumn Kit. Fall is here, let’s celebrate the season!

What would you include in your cozy autumn kit?

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