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A cozy guide to winter

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A cozy guide to winter

I love winter…There is so much to love about this season of snowy weather and a slower pace.  Whether you’re a winter lover like me, or you’re just waiting for it to be over, this guide will show you how to make the most of this cozy season, without the winter blues getting in your way!  

Things to love about winter

The holidays are officially over, and we’re a few weeks into a brand new year. And that’s just about that time when a new year starts to feel a little less “new”.  Winter is in full swing, with several months to go. How are you feeling about that?  

Winter really has a lot going for it! The sparkling snowflakes…the cozy blankets…the nights spent staring into the warm fireplace. There is so much to love about this sleepy season! A few of my favorites are:

The sound and lighting on a snowy night

Have you ever noticed how quiet and muted everything is after a good snowfall?  How the lights look warmer at night and the sky has a lovely glow? Enjoy that quiet with a mug of something warm while you watch the snow fall!

Winter seasonal foods

I’m pretty sure I could live on soups and stews, but they just don’t sound as yummy during warm weather.  So take advantage of the cold months! Winter squash and root veggies are everywhere and winter meals can simmer all day, making home smell like the most welcoming place in the world!  Comfort food is calling!

The excitement of a good winter storm

I’m 100% one of those weirdos that LOVES a good winter storm forecast.  Yes, they can be a little scary, especially if it’s more ice than snow…or just a LOT of snow for your area. The excitement of knowing that I may get snowed in for a few days or that the forecast could be completely wrong, and the suspense of waiting to see what happens, is one of my favorite parts about winter.

Sledding, ice skating, skiing

Winter doesn’t have to mean that you’re trapped inside.  Go out and play! Try snowshoeing. Embrace your inner child and hit the local sledding hill.  Spend a day skiing. (That one will probably work out better if you’re a little more coordinated than I am.  I can’t ski…not at all. The one time I tried, I didn’t even make it to the tow rope to get to the beginner’s slopes.  But it still sounds like fun…)  Bundle up and get outside to shake off the cabin fever.

Cozy clothes

Flannels, plaids, and knits.  Hats, sweaters, layers, thick squishy socks.  All the boots!  Do I need to say more? It’s hands down my favorite fashion season!

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No bugs!

Love winter or hate it, I think we can all agree that any season without mosquitos is welcome.  Right?

Cozy bedding

What other season is cold enough for flannel sheets, fleece blankets, and piles of pillows?  There isn’t much better than snuggling into a warm bedding nest on a cold night!

It’s “socially acceptable” to just stay in

This is probably at top of the list of reasons I love winter. Fellow introverts, are you with me on this?  Winter is the one season where it feels a little more acceptable to stay in. A season of hibernation, that allows you to live life at a slower pace. 

how to enjoy winter
cozy guide to winter
winter blues

How to handle the icky parts of winter

I live in Cleveland and I love it here!  But winter here is looong.  The last few months of winter tend to drag a little bit, even for us winter lovers, with Christmas lights gone and a few months of cold weather already behind us.  But since there is still some winter left before spring, here are a few ways to make the most of it and fight off those winter blues:

Change your mindset about winter

As with most things in life, winter will only be a lovely as you allow.  Instead of constantly thinking of all the downsides to the season, start looking for the benefits!  For example, you don’t have to run straight home from the grocery store…you can leave ice cream in the car while you do other things and it will be just fine!  And maybe you’ll have to let that car warm up a little bit, but the steering wheel won’t burn your hands! Embrace the positives.

Look for things that can only be done in the winter…and do them!

Make a list of all the things you can do during winter that aren’t possible during any other season.  And then do them! Each season has it’s own pleasures…so go find them!

Dealing with the dark

Winter haters, I get it.  It’s dark when you wake up.  It’s dark when you leave work.  Even during the day, if it’s cloudy outside, it can be kinda dark.  But there are plenty of ways to combat that darkness! Take advantage of products that will help you wake up, like this sunrise-simulating alarm clock:

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Embrace the dark evenings by lighting candles and getting cozy.

Try out a light therapy lamp and take a vitamin D supplement if you’re feeling a little sunshine deprived

Learn about Hygge

Look into hygge and take some tips from our Danish friends.  They are EXPERTS at thriving during long, dark winters. To learn more, check out this post or these books:

Make a reading list or movie list

Take advantage of the slower pace during the winter months and catch up on all the books you’ve been meaning to read.  Or the movies you’ve been waiting to watch. Make a list, start marking them off, and winter will be over before you even realize it!

Start building new habits

The slower pace of life, combined with a brand new year, makes winter a great time to start building new habits into your life.  Check out this post for tips on habit building.

Declutter and organize your space

Winter is also the perfect time to start organizing your home before the fast pace of summer arrives.  You’re probably spending a little more time at home than normal, so why not make it a calm, cozy, uncluttered place to be?  Learn more here: 

Pick up a new hobby

Are you a wannabe-maker? Or already a maker, but you’d like to learn a new craft?  Winter is the perfect time to settle into a project! Pick up a new hobby or learn some new techniques for an old one.

Go out and play

Winter can be the perfect excuse to stay inside, but you don’t HAVE to!  Dress for the weather – good clothes like this coat and these boots make all the difference!  Gear up with hand warmers (and even boot warmers) and you can be perfectly cozy, even outside in the cold.  Get out and hike, snowshoe, ski, sled, or even build an igloo


Bring a little outside in with some new houseplants to brighten up your home. Try out a plant subscription box like this one. Or, start planting your spring garden inside


Love it or hate it, winter is going to be here for a little while.  So run with these tips and make the most of it!

5 thoughts on “A cozy guide to winter

  • As lovely as your post was, you can’t convince me. I live in the sunny State of Queensland in Australia and if you blink, you might miss our coldest day so I really feel it when it does get cold. I don’t like cold weather at all.

    Nice post though.


    • Haha, that’s great! It’s nice that there is a place in the world that suits everyone’s taste! (I don’t think I could get used to Christmas in the summer… 😉)

  • Great post! I’m not a winter-hater, but it’s always been my least favorite season of the year. I love the sun and being outside. This year, though, I’ve really embraced it more than ever before. And it’s because of many of the reasons you mention. I’m enjoying the coziness and surrendering to the hibernation tendencies by enjoying things like reading and snuggling up in warm blankets. I enjoyed reading this. Helped me see even more of the good side to winter.

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