self-care kit
Self-care should be a daily practice. It’s also easier said than done. There, I said it. But since self-care IS so important, it’s a good idea to have a self-care kit ready and waiting for the crazy days, the stressful days, the blah days. It’s not always easy to come up with a good recovery plan to get you back to a level state of mind when you’re already feeling stressed or overwhelmed. So I’m going to give you a few ideas on how to build your own self-care kit to keep on hand for the crazy days when you need it.
self care 101 for better self
Self-care is important! We’ve all heard that a million times by now, right? We’ve seen the old airplane analogy of “put your own facemask on first” that almost always seems to be mentioned, read how it’s okay to take care of yourself and you can’t pour from an empty cup. I think it’s time to take it a step farther, though, and talk about why it’s not only okay and it’s not just important, but why we NEED to make self-care a priority. It’s not a luxury, it’s mandatory.
mindfulness tips
Mindfulness...I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now. It’s everywhere. Mindful eating, mindful sleeping, mindful everything! But...what does “mindful” even mean? We’re going to talk about what it is, what it isn’t, and how to try out a more mindful way of thinking!
too much stress
We’re talking about stress again today because...let’s face it. It’s an ongoing battle. Just when you think you have everything under’re calm, collected, and feeling goes pear-shaped and you find yourself back in that stress-filled pit. But while some outside circumstances can be unavoidable, there are a lot of stress-inducing habits, actions, and reactions that you can actually control. We’re going to talk about ALL of that, plus my favorite little ways to reduce stress.
make your home cozy
Need a little relaxation time, like right now? One of the best ways to recharge your batteries is to spend some time in a cozy space! Curling up somewhere cozy can make you feel at-ease, safe, and comforted, no matter what kind of day you’re having. (There’s a reason we come home and put on pajamas right away...they’re cozy and comfortable!) Have you ever found yourself somewhere, maybe a new-to-you coffee shop or a comfy Airbnb, and wished you could just settle in and stay forever? Why not bring that same feeling to your own space?
simplifying your life
Believe it or not, your weekdays can be simpler. Whether you’re a stay at home or work at home parent, working a 9-5 job (maybe even a couple of jobs), or self-employed, simplifying those weekdays is not an impossible goal. How? All it takes is a plan! With a little planning ahead, you can be prepared for (almost) anything that comes your way!
how to sleep better at night
If you’re not getting good quality sleep on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed the effects in your life. That fuzzy feeling in your head? Crankiness? Trouble learning new things or lack of concentration? Yep, you’re probably not getting enough good sleep. I’m all too familiar with that feeling of functioning through the fog...and I don’t like it!