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Hygge Home

Get Cozy! How to Create a Hygge Home

Learn how to create a cozy and inviting home using the principles of hygge. From decorating tips to advice on creating a relaxing atmosphere, we’ll show you how to make your home feel like a snug sanctuary.

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Self Care Sunday Ideas to Help You Recharge

Self Care Sunday: Ideas to Help You Recharge

Self-care Sundays are the perfect opportunity to recharge and reset for the week ahead. But if you’re not sure how to make the most out of your day, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our top tips for a relaxing and rejuvenating self-care Sunday.

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cozy moments to enjoy

The Cozy List: 100 Simple Cozy Moments to Enjoy

No matter who you are or what you do, we can all benefit from slowing down and finding time for these little moments of happiness and contentment.

So, I wanted to share a list of my favorite cozy moments. These are some of the activities that help me relax and recharge, and I hope they can do the same for you.

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Blog post featured imagePicture of christmas gift - Text overlay: Cozy little gifts that almost anyone will love (under $25)

Cozy little gift ideas

The holiday season is upon us! That means it’s time to start thinking about gifts to give your friends and family. But let’s face it, sometimes choosing the right gift can be hard when you might not know someone quite well enough to buy something expensive or specific. If this sounds like you, these cozy little gift ideas under $25 will be perfect for any person on your list! 

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Featured image - text: 8 soup recipes to warm you up this fall - text overlay on image of pumpkin soup

8 soups to warm you up this fall

I woke up this morning thinking about soup. I’m writing this in mid-September, and even though fall is on the way, it’s not here yet. Today, it’s 90 degrees and humid outside right now… Not exactly “cozy up with a warm bowl of soup” weather.

So, instead of making a nice pot of soup today, I’m going to share some of my favorite fall soup recipes with you. Cool?

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When life forces you to slow down - featured image

When life forces you to slow down

I’m a huge advocate for living life at a slower pace, creating a life for yourself that is calm instead of busy and overwhelming. That’s kinda my thing. I’m also the first to admit that it’s a process. A slower life doesn’t happen overnight… But sometimes, life happens, and you just don’t have a choice in the matter. You HAVE to slow down – right now – and you might not be ready for it yet. So, what do you do when life forces you to slow down before you’re ready?

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Enjoying winter - featured image

Your guide to enjoying winter

The beginning of winter is fun! A new season, the excitement of that very first snowfall, the holidays and a brand new year on the way… But what about the REST of winter? Even for winter-lovers like me, that January to March stretch of cold, grey days can seem to drag on a bit. But it doesn’t have to. Here’s your guide to enjoying winter, even after the holidays are over!

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guided journals - featured image

8 guided journals that go beyond “Dear Diary”

Let’s talk journals! I love a brand new journal almost as much as a brand new year. All those blank pages, just waiting to be filled..eeeee! It’s so exciting. If it’s time to replace your current journal or you’re just looking for something a little different, here are 8 guided journals that go beyond “Dear Diary”.

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A very hygge gift guide - featured image

A Very Hygge Gift Guide

Need gift ideas for the hygge enthusiast in your life? The hygge beginner? Or maybe for a friend who could use a little extra cozy in their life right now? Bring that coziness to the celebration with this very hygge gift guide – a list of 15 hygge gifts that are perfect for Christmas, birthday, or just because.

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10 cozy autumn quotes

10 cozy autumn quotes

Celebrate the season with 10 cozy autumn quotes to get you ready for sweater weather. Shareable quotes to fill your feed with fall love!

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ideal morning routine

How to create your ideal morning routine

Do you have a little trouble getting started in the morning? Or are your mornings spent rushing around, trying to get everything done before you dash out the door? If this sounds familiar, a morning routine is what you need!

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