10 reasons to smile – summer edition

10 reasons to smile - summer edition

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Why should I look for reasons to smile?

You know those moments when you notice something that makes you immediately smile or even laugh out loud?  That one little moment can change the entire course of your day…or, at very least, improve your mood for the rest of the day.

In fact, there’s actually science behind it!  I’m not much of a “sciencey” person (Translation: Do your own research about this little sciencey bit!  Here is a good place to start.)  But every now and then, I find something that’s just too interesting to ignore.

Did you know that when you smile, real or fake, your body releases endorphins?  Those happy little chemicals in your body can reduce stress and will almost definitely improve your mood.  (Just like that classic quote from Legally Blonde.)

And THAT is exactly why we should actively look for things to smile about.  If you’re having a rough day, take a minute to pay attention to what you see, hear, smell, and feel and I bet you’ll find something to put a smile on your face.

10 reasons to smile
things to smile about
reasons to smile this summer

10 reasons to smile – summer edition

It can be pretty easy to find something to smile about in the summer, but if you need a little reminder, here is a quick little list of happy little summertime things.

1. The smell of fresh-cut grass

Yes, it might make you sneeze, but the smell of fresh-cut grass always reminds me of childhood summers.  Playing in the backyard, catching lightning bugs, days with no school and lots of fun!

2. Birds & bugs singing

The sound of birds singing at sunrise and cicadas singing at sunset….It’s just such a summery noise!

3. Iced coffee

I’ll be the first to admit that summer isn’t my favorite of the four seasons.  Hot weather and I do not get along.  But there is a big perk: Iced Coffee!  I love my morning coffee, but it’s even better when it’s iced!

4. Long days

It’s always amazed me how big the difference is between summer and winter daylight.  They both have their place, but it’s so nice to watch the sunset right before bed instead of before dinner!

5. Kids playing in the sprinkler or backyard pool

Ever just sit on your porch and listen to the neighborhood kids playing outside?  Splashing in the pool, playing tag, laughing, and running…Their happiness is so contagious!  

6. Cool evenings

Sure, summer days can be hot, but it’s SO very nice when evening rolls around and the air cools down a little.  

7. Backyard BBQs

If a smiling had an official flavor, I think it might just be the taste of food grilled and eaten outside!

8. Sunlight filtering through the leaves

As much as I love autumn leaves, there’s something inherently happy about laying in the shade under a big, green tree and just watching the leaves blow in the wind overhead.

9. Jumping into cool water on a hot day

Pool, lake, river, or creek, it doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s nice and cool!  100% smile-worthy!

10. Summer vacations (or staycations!)

Summertime seems to be the universal vacation season.  But whether you’re traveling or just staying home, the much-needed break and memories that go with it are worth a smile!

A few more reasons to smile

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